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    "Had my first experience here today. I had a full body massage
    in the rainforest room. It was absolutely magical. I will definitely
    be going back again. Such a beautiful place"
    - Melissa


wellness areas

Amazon rainforest

Rustic rainforest setting, with a strong tropical ambience of rainforest sounds. Stream, rocks and waterfall falling through the foliage. Couples/singles

Beach shack

Speciality Thalassotherapy (European Body wraps and exfoliation) area. Water raining down through the 'One tree' Private shower/rest room area.

Bali lagoon

Blue lagoon with water swirling around, plus candles in an old Bali style hut. Couples or singles. "It's more Bali than Bali" was one clients comment.

Harmony water feature image

Harmony ~ Now Open!

Specialist Foot pamper area. Look after them! Overlooking the Harmony water feature in the lagoon, you will get your Zen back! ~ Singles area

jungle massage and facial area image

The Jungle Now open!

Leave the world behind as you enter. Lagoon, fish & waterfall before you.. your adventure begins.. Welcome to the night Jungle! (Low light)

Float tank in jungle image

Jungle Float Open June

Entering the jungle, you discover a beautiful float pool and a bridge crossing over the lagoon to an inviting jungle shower ~ Singles area

Hand Written Testimonials

"I just feel so wonderful and relaxed. This experience was just beautiful. I shall be back very soon. Thankyou so much" - Denise

"Amazing experience! - It was sensational!! Best Birthday present ever!!! THANKYOU!!!!!" :)

"It's like entering another world, where you leave the stress and everyday life behind and come out transformed and rejuvenated. Thankyou so much" - Kate

"Was amazing. Great concept of of being in a natural environment whilst having a lovely facial & massage.
Will be back for more :)"

    "An amazing experience I will certainly return on my next visit to Bunbury" ~ Trish recommends f

    "It was a great experience. The sounds and rooms made me feel I was somewhere exotic and peaceful"   - Montana (Massage + French facial)

  "Wow! What an incredible experience. I will certainly be back. I have never felt so relaxed in my life! Who needs a trip to Bali when you can come to Paradise spa. (Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou)

"It's the most awesome experience, takes you away from the hustle & bustle.. Loved it & amazing Couples massage too" ~ Vanessa recommends f   ||   "It has a beautiful Feng Shui about it" ~ Margaret"

  "I had a full body massage and facial this afternoon. Just what the Dr ordered. It was awesome." Julie recommends f

"Paradise Day Spa is just that....paradise!  I had an amazing body scrub, wrap, massage and facial.. The atmosphere is amazing and takes you away to another place, no phones ringing, no traffic sounds like you can experience in other salons, this place is unique for Bunbury"

"Used up my birthday gift voucher and just had a couple's massage. my husband and I had very awesome time. the room and the whole ambiance makes you want to live in there forever. the massage experience was worth every dollar. best birthday gift ever. will definitely come back and recommend to my friends and family" Charina recommends f

More testimonials >

You can't fly to Bali but you can escape to Paradise!

Relaxing massage

DeStressing massage

Calming massage

Romantic massage


new!   Wellness massages

Wellness Massages | These are more than a massage.. lots more.. A Holistic wellbeing experience. Deeply nourishing & moisturising, our massage/essential oils blend, leaves you feeling relaxed & free from aches. Rich in vitamins & minerals.

Pick you/friends from house

Drops you back home after

Bring drinks and food

Minimum 6 people


Super Stretched Limo | Birthdays, Girls get togethers

Collects & delivers you to your house. Bring food and drinks. Includes treatment. Take over Day spa. | "Very helpful when I was organising my friends birthday, went above and beyond to make us happy and loved the Limo drive as well"  Julie

Day Spa Packages

Full Body Treatments

Up to 4+ hour escapes

Pregnancy Packs


Spa Packages

From our Bali Bliss to Paradise Chill, we offer a range of escape packages. From our "Mum to be" to our Ultimate escape packages, you will experience something out of the ordinary | "Bloody awesome - Better than Bali!!!  I'll be back!!!"


French facials

Manicures - Pedicures

Body wraps & Exfoliation

Welcome to Paradise!

revive ~ refresh ~ rejuvenate

"Just had the the most beautiful massage, it is amazing here, the rooms are to die for, it's a 'must' - so relaxing.. loved it. " Vanessa. f. | "I had a full body massage and facial this afternoon. Just what the Dr ordered. It was awesome." Julie. f

Come in early and Stay late after

Revive ~ Refresh ~ Rejuvenate
A part of the experience/treatment is 'Come early, stay late' ~ We have ladies come in up to 45 minutes early with their books and just chill by the waterfall, getting rid of the stress of the outside world before the treatment starts. Couples/mum & daughter/friends, also get to spend some quality time together in a relaxing environment.

PLUS, you don't get kicked out after the treatment is over (Too quick!) You will be taken to our Garden area, help yourself to Spring water and stay as long as you want.. You know the world's 'out there waiting for you' but you can meet it on your terms! You'll know when you are good to go!

Pamper yourself surrounded by waterfalls in themed areas with a wellness experience. Be it in our Amazon rainforest, Bali lagoon or Beach shack areas. Retreating to an 'In the moment' experience.

"A huge thankyou, an awesome experience, so relaxing and healing. My heart & soul feels so fulfilled of peace, love and hope. My face feels so hydrated and relaxed. I was sad when I arrived, I feel happy now" - Sandra | "What a way to spend my 30th birthday ☝ - Daisy"

Paradise Day Spa is a carbon (Co2) neutral company. Visit our forest in the Madagascar Eden project HERE

Our Massages

  • $120 1hr | $140 1¼

    Relax Massage

    Our Classic Relax massage is created to do just that.. Relax! Or as one lady put it "This is the first time for a long time that I have been 'In the moment' " Come in early, chill by large waterfall and chat with your Therapist about how firm you like, plus any areas you would like them to work on.

    • Come early and just chill by Waterfall.
    • Chat with your Therapist about your massage.
    • Couples massages in Amazon and Bali areas.
    • Stay late after in the Garden area with a Spring water and stay as long as you want!
  • Woman lying down

    $125 1hr | $145 1¼


    France is the home of Aromatherapy! Our Classic Relax massage is blended with a range of DoTerra & Gla labs high quality essential oils, such as Stress relief, Wild Orange (Uplifting and energizing ) Lemongrass (Lemongrass can heighten awareness and promote a positive outlook) Turmeric (Warm, spicy, earthy, woody) and Lavender (Creates a very peaceful and easing feeling)

    • You can choose on the day to suit your mood or outcome.
    • We only use DõTerra & Gya Labs high quality essential oils.
    • Stress & Anxiety reducing, Increased calmness and relaxation.
    • NOTE: Essential oils are not pregnancy safe.
  • Close up of back with hot stones laid upon it

    $125 1hr | $145 1¼

    Hot Pads

    Hot stones have been replaced by Hot, soft pads from Algology France. These soft gel pads hold their heat longer, are soft on your skin and mould to your body. These greatly assist in relaxing tight muscles.

    • Always come in early and chill by the large waterfall
    • Stay late after in our Garden area and leave when you are good to go.
    • Chat with your Therapist about what you want to achieve.
    • Get rid of your stress by the waterfall before your treatment.
  • Close up of back with hot stones laid upon it

    $130 1hr | $155 1¼

    Wellness massages

    Deeply nourishing & moisturizing, Gÿã Labs high quality massage oils leave you feeling relaxed & free from aches. Rich in vitamins & minerals, and blended with essential oils for the ultimate relaxing experience. We don't use baby oil or cheap massage oils. The carrier base oils are Argon (From Morocco), Jojoba, a desert shrub native to Arizona, Mexico & California (Oil is very similar to 'Sebum' produced by the human skin, our skin's first defense barrier) & Sunflower.

    • Always come in early and chill by the large waterfall
    • Stay late after in our Garden area and leave when you are good to go.
    • Chat with your Therapist about what you want to achieve.
    • Get rid of your stress by the waterfall before your treatment.
  • Lady's face having massage treatment

    Price: $125hr | $145 1¼

    Awakening Massage

    This massage merges our Classic Relax massage with the 'Macérat D'Hules Essentielles Relaxant' oil from Algologie France. This highly concentrated herbal oil, is activated by body heat and softens the skin and relaxes the mind and body with in evocative fragrance. Your experience is further enhanced by our French hot gel pads.

    • Classic Relax massage + Essential herbal oil.
    • Relaxing, yet refreshing herbal oil from France.
    • Lifts the spirits and relaxes the body.
    • A sensory and relaxing experience.


People often think about wellness in terms of physical health — nutrition, exercise, weight management, etc., but it is so much more. Health and wellness is a process of achieving one's personal best state of mental and physical being. We all know how good a holiday away is for our wellbeing, as well the therapeutic value of being close to water.

ENTER JAPAN: Half of Japan's citizens are currently expected to live to 100 years old. (Wow!) and we need to learn a few life lessons from these leaders in living long. Japanese place a lot of emphasis on 'water' and treatments in and around it. We need to strike a balance in life. The word 'MeTime' is something we all hear a lot about but rarely practice.. We really need time out!

"This was amazing! For the first time in a long time, I could relax and just be 'in the moment' Massage was perfect, facial was to die for. The service, just beautiful and the surrounding is out of this world. Love, love, love. I'll be back again .. XX"

New! - Wellness Massages

From Gÿâ Labs come premium quality oils. Deeply nourishing & moisturising, our massage oils leave you feeling relaxed & free from aches. Rich in vitamins & minerals, these are blended with the finest carrier oils (Like Argon & Jojoba) + essential oils for the ultimate relaxing experience. Steal some quality time with your partner for a relaxing full body couples massage & wellness experience in our Amazon rainforest or Bali lagoon areas.

Revive ~ Refresh ~ Rejuvenate | Begin your restoration process in Paradise | Singles or Couples

"A wonderful experience for my birthday. So peaceful and relaxing. I will be back!!"

"What a most magical experience! All the stress of the outside world felt a million miles away and I was so relaxed!" || "Excellent experience!! So welcoming!! Definitely coming back, Thankyou"

Note: All Treatment timings are approximate & include client preparation time.
* Prices are subject to change without notice.

Our Popular Packages

Paradise Chill

Full body massage

Full French facial

Allow 2 hours

Come early ~ Stay late


value $235

Premium Areas

Amazon rainforest

Bali Lagoon

Beach shack

Couples ~ Singles

Pick your treatment area!

Experience Paradise!


Full body massage

Premium essential oils

Argon / Jojoba carrier oils

Ultimate therapeutic experience


premium blended oils

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  Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice is required for cancellations. Your treatment time and Therapist is reserved specially for you. With respect, late cancellations or changes incur the full treatment cost and will be charged to the credit card provided. Gift vouchers are automatically used for payment of the treatment are canceled unless the booking can be refilled by another guest. Without notice the full charge of your treatment will automatically apply.
Note:Treatment timings are approximate & include client preparation.
Prices are subject to change without notice.