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Pregnancy massage in Bunbury

60 / 75 / 90 mins:

Firstly, Congratulations on your pregnancy! The Staff at Paradise Day Spa would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for your big day ahead..

Please inform us when you book, how many weeks pregnant you are so that your therapist can prepare for you in advance.

At Paradise Day Spa our senior therapist is certified and trained in our pregnancy treatments using pregnancy safe products.

Most of our treatments are pregnancy safe. Unfortunately, Aromatherapy oils and hot rocks/pads are definitely out.. plus we do not undertake massages in your first Trimester.

60 mins $125 | 75 minutes $145 | 90 mins $175

A (Very honest) Testimonial:
"Amazing massage. Pregnancy has been hard with lots of the dreaded "symptoms' including constipation. After my first massage, something amazing occurred and I got my first regular movement in months..." (26 weeks) Handwritten Pregnancy massage testimonial

"Absolutely awesome pregnancy massage. The most relaxed I've been in months. Thank you!" (32 weeks)
Handwritten Pregnancy massage testimonial 32 weeks

Massage and the digestive system:
"Massage mobilises the digestive system so that the process of assimilation and elimination are improved, helping problems like constipation and flatulence.. The digestive system is quick to respond to stress and the reduction in anxiety and tension which comes with regular massage, has a regulating effect on the digestion" (From "Massage" by Carol McGilvery & Jimi Reed)

  |  4 by $31.25 | 4 by $36.25 | 4 by $43.75

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Herbal hot compress

starting $179

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Couples massage

starting $225

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From France

starting $130

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starting $110

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starting $40

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starting $ 55

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french skincare

starting $ 110

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starting $ 110