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Exfoliation & Therapeutic Body Wraps

Body treatments such as wraps and scrubs have been popular in Europe since Roman times. The exfoliation removes all dead skin cells, leaving you with soft fresh skin. Moisturising oils is then rubbed into your skin. The heat from body wraps (such as seaweed and green clay) open the pores and allows all the vitamins and minerals in the products into the skin.

Exfoliation/Scrub only:
Pure Dead Sea Salt: (Lead free, Chemical Free) Sourced from the Ancient deep mineral deposits of the Dead Sea! The Mineral rich Dead Sea has been used for its Wonders since ancient times. It is known worldwide for its Healing properties. Low in Sodium, Dead Sea salt is high in Minerals like Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium Chloride. It is also a powerful Rejuvenating and Soothing treatment for the Skin. Shower off in your private rest room | 30 mins $60

More scrubs:
We also have a range of beautiful smelling sugar free scrubs, such as Pomegranate and Mango & Guava.


Wrap only:
Pure mineral Dead Sea black mud: 100% Pure. (Fragrance free, Chemical Free, No additives) Built by many layers of Clay sedimentary that have been formed over thousands of years, Dead Sea Black Mud contains an unusual and unique concentration of minerals which are proven essential in maintaining healthy skin! Experience over many years, shows that the Dead Sea Black Mud, which is abundant on the beaches of the Dead Sea, has many Therapeutic properties to treat Skin conditions (Psoriasis, reduce skin impurities, acne) and Joint problems. Not recommended for those with metal sensitivities such as Nickel or Chrome. The Dead Sea Mud is mentioned by historians as early as the 1st century AD for its therapeutic virtues. Containing approximately 26 Minerals such as: magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, chromium, iron... Dead Sea Black Mud Cleans, Purifies and restores Moisture balance in the Skin, keeping it glowing and full of vitality. 30 mins $75

Wrap only:
Green Clay Mask: This Body firming wrap was developed to firm and gently tighten the skin. This rich, creamy formulation contains the highest quality of lemon, lime, cedar wood + marine extracts and geranium essential oils. These are combined with marine extracts with detoxifying properties. This clay deeply penetrates to improve the skins appearance and leaving the feeling of tight, taunt skin. 30 mins $75


Exfoliation + Wrap + 30 min Massage:
Coconut lovers: Dry body brush followed by a Coconut scrub, then a fizzing, heating cocoa a body wrap, to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. The warmth relieves aches and pains, whilst the cocoa beans provides a wealth of zinc and magnesium, having an energising effect on the body, improving well being and relaxation. While cocooned in the wrap, enjoy a soothing scalp and shoulder massage. After a warm private shower, enjoy a 30 minute massage as your therapist's flowing hands apply an organic coconut body butter that absorbs as it touches your skin to a soft silky finish | 90 mins $215 | 4 by $53.75


Scrub & Anti Ageing Oil Massage
Sea salt Scrub & Massage. Starting with a Sea salt and essential oils body scrub, the sea salt granules will remove dead and dry skin. This will increase circulation and lymphatic flow, while applying the vitamin serums to the fresh skin, during the 60 minute Balinese massage. Allow 90 mins | $195

Firstly, come in early and unwind by the large waterfall, Plus relax after in our garden area, help yourself to Australian Spring water and leave when you are good to go!

  Afterpay | 4 by $31.25

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"Amazing massage. Pregnancy has been hard with lots of the dreaded 'symptoms' including constipation. After my first massage, something amazing occurred and I got my first regular movement in months..." (26 weeks)
"Absolutely awesome pregnancy massage. The most relaxed I've been in months. Thank you!" (32 weeks)-
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"Wow! What an incredible experience. I will certainly be back. I have never felt so relaxed in my life! Who needs a trip to Bali when you can come to Paradise Spa. (Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!)   ||  "Absolutely beautiful treatment & excellent service, we couldn't ask for any better - Thank You!!"
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