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2+ minute walk through.
"You can't fly to Bali but you can escape to Paradise!"

Come in early and chill by the waterfall (It's very therapeutic.. we get ladies bringing their books to read ) Chat with your Therapist and get rid of the stress before your treatment. Plus, you will be taken to the Garden area after, with your Spring water and stay as long as you want. You know the world is 'out there' but you can meet it on your terms. It's not a "Thankyou / Goodbye" here. - You will know when you are good to go.

"I had an amazing body scrub, wrap, massage and facial.. The atmosphere is amazing and takes you away to another place, no phones ringing, no traffic sounds like you can experience in other salons, this place is unique for Bunbury. I like to totally zone out and relax. Paradise didn't disappoint' - Gabriella  f 
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"It was a great experience. The sounds and rooms made me feel I was somewhere exotic and peaceful" || "Very relaxing. I really enjoyed the experience" || "Very relaxing. The staff very friendly. It was fantastic" || "Wonderful experience! So relaxing. Thank you"  
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"Wow! What an incredible experience. I will certainly be back. I have never felt so relaxed in my life! Who needs a trip to Bali when you can come to Paradise Spa. (Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!)   ||  "Absolutely beautiful treatment & excellent service, we couldn't ask for any better - Thank You!!"
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