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Beautiful Gift Vouchers

We are a carbon (Co2) neutral company. Plus a portion of every sale goes towards our Certified Co2 offset forest. You can visit our forest here

  We think Gift vouchers should look like a Gift  

You can purchase 'Treatment specific' vouchers. IE: A '1 hour massage' voucher or a 'Full facial' or a 'Body Wrap' or, you can buy a "$" value and they can spend it as they wish! - From $50 to $500, depending how much you want to put into it.

Over phone purchase

Purchase a Spa Package, single treatment or just any $ value

Out of town? Not a problem! You can also purchase our vouchers over the phone. This is handy if you live outside West Australia or are on FIFO up North. We can also post them out to you or direct. PLUS our Vouchers are valid for 3 years! - We can even include a small note in the envelope. | "Have a great birthday Jasmine"~ Love Ricky

"A beautiful relaxing experience - well done" | "Was amazing for my first ever massage! Thank you! xox"

Come in early and chill by the waterfall (It's very therapeutic.. we get ladies bringing their books to read ) Chat with your Therapist and get rid of the stress before your treatment. Plus, you will be taken to the Garden area after, with your Spring water and stay as long as you want. You know the world is 'out there' but you can meet it on your terms. It's not a "Thankyou / Goodbye" here. - You will know when you are good to go.

"Absolutely beautiful treatment & excellent service, we couldn't ask for any better - Thank you!!"

You can purchase Spa Packages Here:

or Wellness packages Here:

Or single treatments Here:

or Plain $Dollar value ($50 - $500) Your call..

Any dollar value you want.

Or Couples packages Here:

We securely action credit cards over the phone and you will receive an instant receipt after payment goes through.


  • Spa Vouchers
  • Wellness vouchers
  • Single treatments
  • Couples packages
  • Any $ Dollar value
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Most Popular

  • Paradise Chill (2hr)

    Most popular package

  • 1 hr massage

    Most popular single

  • Couples massage

    1hr Amazon /Bali areas

  • French facials

    Natural products

Different vouchers

  • You can purchase any dollar value you wish, the voucher will have the $ amount on it. She can add to it if she wants/pick any treatment.

    Or a treatment specific voucher. Ie: 1hr massage voucher or Paradise Chill package (2hrs), with no monetary value on it, so she doesn't know how much you spent on her.

    We can either post them out to you or direct, or we can email it if time is short.

more treatments

  • Photon LED mask

  • Thai Therapeutic massage

  • Relaxing Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Aromatherapy Massage

  • Couples massage