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Premium essential oils from around the world

Our products are not tested on animals | Our products are eco-certified.

  Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment, that uses natural plant extracts/oils to promote health and wellbeing. Aromatherapy enhances both physical and emotional health. | * 60 minutes | $125

1: Stress relief blend:
Scent profile: Sweet & floral with refreshing fruity notes | Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Rose Geranium | Calms stress & anxiety & boosts mental positivity. This calming blend was designed to calm your headspace when stress gets bubbling and to blow off that steam. It loosens your inner flow and stops overthinking to lift your mood for more good vibes.

2: Egyptian Geranium essential oil:
Scent profile: Sweet, rosy aroma, soothing oil from Egypt | Egyptian Geranium Leaves | Calms stress & anxiety. Soothes both senses and muscles plus boosts immunity.
The Egyptians have long used geranium to beautify their skin. Queen Cleopatra often bathed in it twice a day! You can treat yourself like a queen by using this oil in massages.
A sweet and rosy aroma, this oil keeps your skin rejuvenated and rosy.. A sweet scent to help soothe your senses for beauty sleep.

3: Sandalwood essential oil:
Scent profile: Woody & earthy. | Wood Chips of Sandalwood | A relaxant and a focus-boosting. Relaxes tense minds, sharpens focus.
Take on anything with this strong, woodsy Australian sandalwood oil. Relaxing tense minds and a focus-boosting essential oil, it'll keep your mind sharp so you'll feel empowered to handle the day.

4: Patchouli essential oil:
Scent profile: Earthy, woodsy & herbaceous | Indonesian Patchouli Leaves | Helps depression & uplifts moods. An elevating experience that leaves you feeling at ease and on top of the world.
This earthy, herbaceous Patchouli essential oil is calming for both the mind and spirit. Patchouli Oil has long been associated with luxury since ancient times. Asian silk traders spread the aroma of Patchouli on silk clothes and bed sheets owned by the upper-class. It became an elevating experience that left them feeling at ease and on top of the world.
Let your worries wash away with Patchouli oil, as it helps clear your headspace and allows you to fall into the most tranquil sleep.

5: Calamus essential oil:
Scent profile: Earthy, woody & spicy. | An earthy, woody, and invigorating calamus essential oil that'll sharpen your mind and center the senses. You'll be calm, collected and on the ball..
A plant with ancient origins dating back to 1300BC, Calamus has since been popularized in traditional Chinese and Indian remedies for treating memory disorders and improving learning performance. Boost your workdays with the grounding scent of Sweet Calamus root essential oil. Known for its ability to help boost mental clarity, this oil will help improve memory and calm the mind so you are ready to make the most of every day.

6: Frankincense Oil:
Scent profile: Warm & woodsy aroma with Balsamic notes | calms your spirits to help you find peace of mind. | Promotes peace of mind. Relieves muscle pain. Strengthens natural immunity
One of three gifts given to baby Jesus, along with Myrrh and gold. And it’s no wonder why! A treasured oil even in other cultures, brave locals would travel on rugged mountains for just a few kilograms of this highly prized resin. Truly fit for a king!

A peaceful and spiritual oil of the finest quality, you can rejuvenate your mind & body with frankincense oil. It calms your spirits to help you find peace of mind..

7: English Lavender oil:
Scent profile: Floral, comforting & slightly sweet. | From English Lavender Flowers | The Romans were one of the first civilisations to use them! They added bundles of lavender to their public bathhouses for a relaxing scrub.

Relieves headaches & migraine. Sleep better, feel great. Boosts skin health. A floral scent that soothes the mind and is perfect for sweeter slumbers. This oil is also great for moisturising skin.

"What a hidden treasure! Completely unexpected place, wonderful massage. Could have been in Bali! Thanks so much!" | "Wow! What an incredible experience. I will certainly be back. I have never felt so relaxed in my life! Who needs a trip to Bali when you can come to Paradise Spa. (Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!)

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