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Couples Calming Wellness Massage

60 mins - $225 | 75 mins - $255

Couples Calming Massage: Celebrating Couples. Him/Her - Mum/Daughter - Friends.

Surrounded by vibrant vegetation, exotic birds, and a warm ambiance as you lie relaxed is both a mental and physical reward all should experience. The Complete Massage is a full-body massage with scented oils and lotions that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for your next adventure.
Originating in southern China and cultivated for thousands of years, Sweet Orange has a distinctive, uplifting aroma with high concentration of Vitamin C. When combined with Petitgrain from the identical Rutaceae citrus family with a refreshing, evergreen scent, the citrus aromatic profile, increases its effectiveness. The Sweet Orange are extracted from the fresh citrus peels in orchards of South Africa, whereas Petitgrain are derived from the petite green leaves and twigs of bitter orange trees in its Middle East plantation.

The combination of Sunflower and Sweet Almond base oil with infusion of Vitamin E enables deeper penetration of the essential oils and helps fatigued muscle tissues recover quicker. Experience the Paradise Calming Massage today!

Patchouli. Experience the tranquility associated with Patchouli, as it brings inner peace and balance into your life. Embrace healthier and beautiful-looking skin with patchouli as it boosts your immunity and well-being with Patchouli’s therapeutic appeal..
Sandalwood holds moments of peace and harmony and the power to achieve calmness and more clarity, due to its extensive therapeutic uses.
Lavender constitutes a sense of calmness and peace for tensed minds, enabling a deeper relaxation.

Couples Romantic Massage

60 mins - $230 | 75 mins - $260

Couples Romantic Massage: Celebrating Couples.
The scent of Patchouli, Sandalwood and Jasmine oils, combines with Argon & Jojoba oils, will propitiate feelings of love and harmony, awakening romance.

Jasmine There is good reason why the name 'Jasmine' is derived from the Persian Yasameen meaning "gift from God". The beauty of the Jasmine blooms at night and its legendary fragrance has made it a favourite in Asian Jasmine is still a an emblem of love that inspires feminine beauty, purity and feelings of love and peace. Its legendary fragrance elates the soul, awakens a sense of romanticism It is used to regulate and help in smoother breathing, lowering pressure and stress and is a boost for wellbeing.
Patchouli: is rich in anti-aging and cell-rejuvenation properties. From tropical Java, this perennial herb is long prised by the traditional communities in Southeast Asia as a remedy as its forms an important part of beauty and vitality. Embrace a healthier and beautiful looking skin with patchouli, helping boost your immunity and well-being with Patchouli’s therapeutic values.
Sandalwood: Sandalwood has been an essential part of the daily lives of many cultures since ancient times. Throughout thousands of years, Sandalwood essential oil holds moments of peace and harmony and the power to achieve calmness and more clarity thanks to its extensive therapeutic uses. Promotes harmonious feeling, more of a present, clear, but calm awareness. Blended with carrier oils of Argon and Jojoba for a deeper experience.

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"Absolutely Tranquil. Definitely 10/10. Recommending this to my friends" | Feedback to Owner: "This was the best massage I have ever had in a very long time. Beautiful space & lovely staff. You should be proud of them! xxx" || Checkout our f Facebook reviews HERE





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