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The night jungle awaits you..

Revive ~ Refresh ~ Rejuvenate

Leaving the world behind, you enter the Night Jungle. Lagoon, fish & waterfall before you.. The air is filled with the tropical Sulawesi rainforest ambience.. your experience begins.. Welcome to the Jungle!

Jungle Package

Allow: 2.5 hours: $295 | Foot Pamper, Massage & Facial
60 minute full body Massage + 60 min (approx.) beautiful French Facial + 30 minute Foot Pamper 

 Everyone loves a Foot Pamper, Starts with a Traditional Thai natural, herbal & fragrant foot soak, combining Salts, Camphor, Curcuma Longa Root Powder and Cymbopogon Flexuosus Leaf Powder. Your feet are then placed on a cushioned footstool for a massage (Qualified Therapist) to them and lower legs. All whilst you immerse yourself in the jungle..  

You then move over to the treatment bed for our classic Relax, 1hr full body massage to release muscle tension, stress and relax your body, mind and soul. 

Flowing on from massage into one of our 60 minutes French, Marine garden Facial for skin glowing skin. Algologie skin care products are sourced from the ocean in Britanny, France.
UPGRADES: Add: Wellness massage (Just $10) These are the future of massages!


Jungle Escape

Allow: 1.5 hours: $185 | Foot Pamper & Massage
60 minute full body Massage + 30 minute Foot Pamper 
Your feet are the most overworked part of our body! They carry us around all day, get trodden on, get little attention.. and they need a break! Relax in our large rattan chair, next to the lagoon and waterfall whilst your feet enjoy a 15 minute warm soak in our warm Body soul foot soak. Combining Himalayan salt, Epsom salt, Dead sea salt, Tea tree, Peppermint and Lemongrass essential oils. Then enjoy a refreshing peppermint massage to your feet and lower legs. Then slide over to the treatment bed next to you, to experience our Classic full body massage.
Upgrade to our new Wellness massages (Just $10)


Jungle Chill

Allow: 2 hours: $215 | Full body Massage + French facial
60 minute full body Massage + French Marine garden facial  
Lying by the lagoon, fish swimming by, you will drift away with our Classic, relaxing 60 minute full body massage, focusing on the areas where you hold the most tension and stress. and after.. (There's no need to move.. Treatment tables are extra soft!) the massage flows into the Oscar winning French Marine Garden essentials facial, for skin rejuvenation.
Upgrade to our new Wellness massages (Just $10)

Gift vouchers available for all above treatments. Secure purchase over phone. We email them or post out all over Australia.


five star rating image(Paradise testimonials)

"Absolutely nothing needs improving. This place & Staff - WOW! - Thankyou" | "Fantastic, really felt like ! was on vacation. A lovely treat to enjoy on my Bday! :)" | "AMAZING! - I don't normally love massages but this was perfect! Thankyou " | "A wonderful massage and relaxing experience. Thank you" | "Therapist was absolutely amazing. The whole experience was so professional. It really was like being in Bali. I will definitely be back again and will highly recommend Paradise Day Spa to others"





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