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Float Tanks Bunbury (Open May 31)

Jungle Float: "Pulling back the curtain, revealing a jungle environment, where you discover your float pod. Looking up, you see a jungle open shower waiting for you. Disrobing (Private area) you shower before entering the pod. As you relax, the pressures of gravity disappear, as you become almost weightless"

A fact sheet by 'Healthy WA' by the Department of Health, has some useful information regarding Float Tanks. HERE

A great article from WikiPedia on Floating and Benefits, can be downloaded HERE

Excellent 2+ minute video below from The Float Spa in the UK, on floating. For modesty and the sake of video, the lady is wearing bathers. It's best no to.. Your call. Seen here for video, the lid/light is open.. Most close it for total darkness.. Again, your call.

5 stars imageFloat tanks or Float Pods, are also known as Isolation tanks or Sensory deprivation tanks : They are usually pitch-black (Although lids can be left open and lighting on) in a soundproof environment that is heated to around the same temperature as the skin. That way, it blurs the line between water and skin.

Ever wondered what it's like being in Space? Quote: "Astronauts preparing for entering space, first used sensory deprivation. NASA still trains their space personnel in floatation tanks to get them used to the weightlessness of Space"

What is a Float tank?
The float tank or float pod is filled with around 25cm of water containing enough Epsom salts (Magnesium sulphate) to create specific gravity similar to that of the Dead Sea. This environment allows an individual to float effortlessly on the surface of the silky water.

Q: What is the best time to arrive for my float treatment?
A: You will need to arrive around 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This allows time for you to firstly relax in our 'Chill in' area next to our large waterfall and then your jungle shower before your float session. !

Because the water is dense, you will feel as if you are in zero gravity. Your body is placed in a fully relaxed state, removed from external noises or distractions. The Jungle Float!
Our large float tank and shower are located in a themed Jungle by the lagoon.

Float Prices
Prices: $85. This includes 1hr float session + 15 minutes for showers before and after. We provide towels, shampoos/conditioners, earplugs and all that is necessary for your float experience. Just bring your hairbrush!

Float Packages:
1st time recommended float. 45 minute float. For the first time in your life, your body will escape the major effects of gravity and your mind won't have much to take in! The outside world will disappear and amazing things start to happen. Your mind is free from 'Digital distress' and your brain will start to release Endorphins & Dopamine.

"Endorphins can help relieve pain, reduce stress, and may cause a euphoric feeling. In short, they can make you feel pretty darn good" ~ Healthline.com) and Dopamine (also known as the "feel-good" hormone. Dopamine is both a hormone and neurotransmitter that's an important part of your brain's reward system.. ie: makes you feel happy!) PLUS: Cortisol. The primary stress hormone levels are significantly lowered, so all feelings of stress, tension or anxiety are wiped out.

Float tank packages:
1hr full body massage + 1hr float | Normally $205 - Package $185
1hr full body massage + Facial | Normally $235 - Package $195
Upgrade: Wellness massage + $12

Gift Vouchers (That look like a gift) are available. (Valid for 3 years) We charge no extra to post them out or email them if time is short!

Float Tank Faq's

Q: What do you wear in a float tank? Do I wear bathers?
A: Most people don't wear any clothing, although you are welcome to wear bathers if you feel more comfortable. You will have the private area to yourself and be required to shower before and after your float. Most people find that wearing clothing can become a become a distraction..

Q: Do I have to float in the dark?
A: No.. You can leave the lid open.. Not a problem.
Q: Do Float tanks / Pods really work?
A: Yes. Information overload, or digital distress is the curse of this age. We are bombarded by a continuous stream of information from everywhere with an update every 2 weeks!! We are not built to handle this! We need to shut down/turn off for a while and allow our minds to 'reset' Even the worlds most powerful computers need to shut down for 'maintenance and reboot' - MeTime, often quoted but rarely used, has never been so important to our overall health.
Q: Will my skin wrinkle or get dehydrated?
A: No. You will not get dehydrated from floating. Unlike a bath, the water won't draw salt or moisture out of your skin causing wrinkles. The magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) in the water actually helps the overall appearance of our skin by lowering the Cortisol levels. Due to the high volume of Epsom salt in the water, it causes a protective barrier and the salt water will leave both skin and hair feeling smooth & silky.
Q: Are Float tanks / Pods Clean and sanitary?
A: Yes. Apart from being regulated by the WA Health Act who test the water quality regularly, the water is cleansed through a micro fine filter and then passed through UV lighting, killing any bacteria. Plus the incredibly dense Epsom salt content (Around 500 kilograms per tank) creates a solution that bacteria and pathogens are unable to breed in.

Q: Are Float tanks / Pods warm?
A: Yes! The water is kept around 28ish degrees Celsius (Ambient skin temperature)

Q: Is it important to pre-book my spa appointment?
A: Absolutely. Booking your float treatment is highly advised, as walk in treatments are rare. Especially on Saturdays, where we may be booked for a month (or more) in advance.
A: To maximise yours and others experience, please assist us in maintaining a tranquil spa environment. We kindly request that you respect other guests by using limited, quiet and only necessary conversation. All mobile phones, Apple watch / Tablets, are to be either turned off or set to silent. Thank you.

What happens if I turn up sick?
A: If you have a cold, Flu or open wounds, we respectfully request that you do not attend. If our Receptionists or Therapists deem you to be unfit to have treatments, they reserve the right to cancel your appointment. Our therapists are not allowed to work if they are unwell, so as not to spread diseases to you. We ask you to respect the same. Please notify us when booking your treatment any concerns regarding your health, including allergies, colds and flu etc.
COVID 19: FACE MASKS: Do I have to wear one?
A: No. WA Gov: Beauty Therapy: "For intimate and prolonged face-to-face treatments (e.g. eyelash treatments), the client and the practitioner may wish to wear mask" - Us: You may wear one if you wish.

Q: Do you have a COVID Safety Plan?
A: YES! - A copy of our action plan certificate can be seen at Reception.

Q: Are your Therapist Covid 19 trained?
A: Yes. They have completed a separate 'Infection Control Training - Covid 19' course. (Certificates at Reception)

Q: Do you have alcohol-based hand sanitiser on hand?
A: Yes! At Reception. Please use it!

Q: Staff Hygiene?
A: Yes - "All staff either wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, with soap and warm water or use an alcohol-based hand gel before and after every treatment, as well as after eating and drinking or going to the bathroom."

Q: Do I have to wait outside until my treatment time?
A: No. Paradise is huge. some 380sqm (Reception alone covers over 100 square metres) with plenty of space for the required 2sqm (maintain 1.5 metres) distancing rule. Come in and chill by the larger waterfall.

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