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Float Tanks - Subject to WA Health Department Perth approval later this year!

 Float tanks or Float Pods, are also known as Isolation tanks or Sensory deprivation tanks

They are usually pitch-black inside (Although lids can be left open and lighting on) in a soundproof environment that is heated to around the same temperature as the skin. That way, it blurs the line between water and skin.

Ever wondered what it's like being in Space? Quote: "Astronauts preparing for entering space, first used sensory deprivation. NASA still trains their space personnel in floatation tanks to get them used to the weightlessness of Space"

What is a Float tank? The float tank or float pod is filled with around 25-30cm of water containing enough Epsom salts (Magnesium sulphate) to create specific gravity similar to that of the Dead Sea. This environment allows an individual to float effortlessly on the surface of the silky water.

This is the most relaxing calm and serene experience. The buoyancy created by over 500kg of Magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) dissolved in around 30cm of water. This basically removes the effects of gravitational pull on our body, making you feel almost weightless, (Like being in Space) Every muscle in your body will start to relax. Your brain will start to let go as their is no external stimulus from (busy) everyday life.

With nothing to distract it, the outside world disappears. Be 'In the moment' - let go and around 40-45 minutes in, your brain will change from pushing out Beta waves, to Theta waves. That's the ones that happens in that beautiful moment between wake and sleep! - 'Information Overload' will cease and your mind and body will have a chance to really relax and heal itself.

BENEFITS: 2+ minute video below from The Float Spa in the UK, on floating. For modesty and the sake of video, the lady is wearing bathers. It's your call. Seen here for video, the lid/light is open.. Most close it for total darkness.. Again, your call.

Allow time before and after treatments. Firstly come in early and unwind by the large waterfall, Plus relax after in our garden area with Australian Spring water and leave when you are good to go!

Frequently asked Float questions:
Q: Do you have to have the lid closed/float in the dark?
A: No. You can float with it open!

Q: Can pregnant women use a float pod?
A: Yes. Up to your third trimester. Many women use it to help alleviate muscle soreness and back pain.

Q: What do you wear in a float tank? Do I wear bathers?
A: Most people don't wear any clothing, although you are welcome to wear bathers if you feel more comfortable. You will have the private area to yourself and be required to shower before and after your float. Most people find that wearing clothing can become a become a distraction..

Q: Do Float tanks / Pods really work?
A: Yes. Information overload, or digital distress is the curse of this age. We are bombarded by a continuous stream of information from everywhere with an update every 2 weeks!! We are not built to handle this! We need to shut down/turn off for a while and allow our minds to 'reset' Even the worlds most powerful computers need to shut down for 'maintenance and reboot' - MeTime, often quoted but rarely used, has never been so important to our overall health.

Q: Will my skin wrinkle or get dehydrated?
A: No. You will not get dehydrated from floating. Unlike a bath, the water won't draw salt or moisture out of your skin causing wrinkles. The magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) in the water actually helps the overall appearance of our skin by lowering the Cortisol levels. Due to the high volume of Epsom salt in the water, it causes a protective barrier and the salt water will leave both skin and hair feeling smooth & silky.

Q: Are Float tanks / Pods Clean and sanitary?
A: Yes. Apart from being regulated by the WA Health Act who test the water quality regularly, the water is cleansed through a micro fine filter and then passed through UV lighting, killing any bacteria. Plus the incredibly dense Epsom salt content (Around 600 kilograms per tank) creates a solution that bacteria and pathogens are unable to breed in.

Q: Are Float tanks / Pods warm?
A: Yes! The water is kept around 35ish degrees Celsius (Ambient skin temperature)

"Had a beautiful experience. Thankyou. Did not want it to end"  |  What a lovely bit of paradise in the middle of Bunbury :)   |   "Best baby present you can give! Very relaxing from the moment you walk in"  |  "It was absolutely amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed. Wonderful experience, was very relaxing"  |   "Amazing, beautiful and relaxing"

*Hundreds of hand written testimonials are available to view at reception.

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