couples having massage together on tables with 2 therapists working

Couples Massage

60 | 90 minute massages

Range of Couples massages in either our Rainforest or Bali areas.
Standard Range | Swedish/Relax | Starts at the toes and works its way up!
Aromatherapy | A Classic Relax massage combined with essentials oils to assist relaxation, depending on what result is required. Ie: Lemongrass for refreshing.. Lavender for relaxing.. etc. We only use DoTERRA high quality essential oils.
Hot Stone/Bubbles: Assists in loosening muscles before and during massage.

Premium Range:
'Awakening' | massage from France: Inspired by a day by the ocean. A high sensory and very feminine massage, combined with soft heat bubbles.. Sees her almost cocooned in the velour sheet.

60 minute standard ~ $225 || 90 minute standard ~ $285 (per couple)
60 minute premium ~ $255 || 90 minute premium ~ $360 (per couple)
90 minute Thai therapeutic ~ $395 (per couple)

Allow time before and after treatments. Firstly come in early and unwind by the large waterfall, Plus relax after in our garden area with an Australian Spring water and leave when you are good to go!

Thai hot herbal compress massage image

Herbal hot compress

starting $179

Couples having massage with 2 Therapists image

Couples massage

starting $225

Lady having a French 'Awakening' massage image

From France

starting $130

Lady having mask facial done image


starting $110