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Bali Escape

Massage + facial + pedicure (Allow 3hrs)

Bali Escape Package:
With candles flickering and water dripping through the foliage into the blue lagoon, you will enjoy our relaxing authentic Balinese massage, (Balinese Therapist) removing areas of tightness and stress.
Vichy Bali Escape Package: As above but in the Vichy shower pod. No need to get up and go to private shower area to wash off!
Shower Bali Escape Package: As above but go to your own private shower area to wash off!
Then, experience our full French Marine garden facial.

Deluxe Soak Pedicure:
You will then be taken to our lagoon and water features area and seated in our comfortable, cushioned cane chair, while enjoying a milk foot soak, scrub, buff and nail tidy up.

Package: $320 |     *4 by $80.00

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Herbal hot compress

starting $179

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Couples massage

starting $225

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From France

starting $130

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starting $110

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starting $40

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starting $ 55

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french skincare

starting $ 110

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starting $ 110