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Awakening Massage

60 min Sensory Awakening' massage from France + scrub + wrap + facial.

We start with a full body scrub to remove dead skin cells, followed by a full body wrap (Red grape seed extract/green clay/fizzing cocoa - your call) After a shower in your private Rest room, you will drift away with the relaxing 60 minute 'Awakening' massage from France, focusing on the areas where you hold the most tension and stress. This is a high sensory experience based on a 'Day at the ocean' in France. Soft, gel heat pads from France sooth your muscles and the 'Marine Garden' relaxing herbal essential oil from France lifts your spirits and clears your mind. Long flowing wave like massage strokes relax your muscles. The treatment ends up with you cocooned in the sheet, whilst a fine sea mist descends upon you. A beautiful feminine massage experience from France.

Allow time before and after treatments. Firstly come in early and unwind by the large waterfall, Plus relax after in our garden area with an Australian Spring water and leave when you are good to go!

Package: $295

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Herbal hot compress

starting $179

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Couples massage

starting $225

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From France

starting $130

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starting $110