Khrono range of facial anti aging products

Anti Aging Pack

body exfoliation + anti aging Khrono facial (Allow 1.5hrs)

Powerful full body 'Sea salt' exfoliation removes flaking and dead skin. Shower off in your private rest room, then followed by our moisturising 'anti aging' body oil application. Then our "needle free" Neodermyl Collagen & Elastin facial. This new source of bio-energy revitalizes aged fibroblasts and reactivates collagen I, III and Elastin synthesis.

The award winning ingredient Neodermyl, is the first molecule on the market that reactivates aged fibroblasts which are once again capable of producing collagen and elastin. (Download pdf clinical paper) Chronodyn stimulates metabolism of calcium and synthesis of ATP. The Ainhoa Khrono range range is formulated to "hold back the advance of time" by re-energizing or "awakening" the cells that moisturises and protects, leaving the skin firm and smooth, bringing freshness and vitality, while also preventing and delaying the signs of aging.

Treatment ~ $215 | Home treatment Khrono maintenance available

Allow time before and after treatments. Firstly come in early and unwind by the large waterfall, Plus relax after in our vertical area with a Chai tea / Australian Spring water and leave when you are good to go!

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Herbal hot compress

starting $179

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Couples massage

starting $225

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From France

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starting $110